Cambridge Teslathon 2000

Photo courtesy of Mike Harrison

Venue : Technology Museum
Location : Cambridge
Date : Saturday 28th October
Ian Jackson's coil ___Ian Jackson's coil put on a good show despite having only achieved first light a few days before the Teslathon. Featuring a novel Air blast RSG, Ian's coil achieved a spark length of 0.73m using a 10KV/50mA NST

Colin Dancer's coil ___Colin Dancer's coil being used to destroy a CD and putting out enough radio energy to light a fluorescent bulb above it (highlighted) Colin's coil uses a 10Kv/50mA NST and a 200BPS rotary gap, outputting 0.94m Colin Dancer's coil frying a CD

___Steve Rodway's coil outputting 0.8m arc from a 10Kv/50mA NST and a static gap, and using a fully enclosed base unit and controller. Steve Rodway's coil

Bob Golding's coil with Ian Jackson's toroid ___Bob Goldings's coil outputting multiple streamers up to 1.8m was one of the stars of the night, running from a radar transformer. Using a static gap blown by a powerful vacuum cleaner motor,  Bob's coil was easily lighting fluorescent lamps 5 to 7 meters away Bob Golding's coil

BM3 coil
___The best performance of the even was from the BM3 coil by Mike Tucknott and Brian Le Page. With an input power of over 10Kw and producing arcs up to 2.4m . Arc were limited by the proximity of the lights, which were being struck almost continuously and resulted it the power tripping out a couple of times.

Words - Steve Rodway______ Pictures - Mark Hales

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