Cambridge Teslathon 2001
Image courtesy of Mark Hales
Venue : Technology Museum
Location : Cambridge
Date : Saturday 27th October

XXXXXFor the full report by Richie Burnett click here. See below for some excellent video of the event, shot and editted by Mike Tucknott. For the full length high quality VHS version contact Mike

bm3.rm - Mike & Brian's BM3 coil cranking out some juicy 8 footers - 1.17Mb
bob.rm - Bob Golding's big coil hitting a regular 6 feet, and all from only 2.2kW input! - 1.91Mb
cage.rm - The Cage of Death - 1.75Mb.
marx.rm - Martin Fuller's beautifully constructed marx generator, complete with home made pulse capacitors - 0.57Mb
sstc.rm - Richie Burnett's solid state Tesla coil, cranking out sparks over 18" long with 3kW input - 1.56Mb