Derby Teslathon 2002

Venue : The United Reformed Church
Location : Derby
Date : 15th June

More pictures and the report by Mark Hales can be found on Richie Burnett's excellent website.

Photos by Mark Hales & Richie Burnett
There must be more photos of this event kicking around, if anyone has any they want posted here mail them to

Video by Richie Burnett

colin.mpg - Colin Heath's 6 inch coil throwing 5 foot sparks. - 0.64Mb
lamp.mpg - Richie Burnett lighting a lightbulb with the current capacitively coupled through his body - 0.75Mb
maggy.mpg - Mike and Brian's magnifier - 0.76Mb.
nicktwin.mpg - Nick Field's twin coils chucking some 8 footers. - 0.57Mb
richtune.mpg - Richie Burnett's audio modulated solid state Tesla coil - 0.88Mb