Nottingham Teslathon Workshop 2003

The Nottingham Teslathon Workshop took place on September 6 2003. The idea of this event was to focus on technical investigation and tinkering around with coils, rather than running demos. It went very well. The highlight was possibly Mike and Brian's mighty magnifier which produced bigger sparks than ever before, thanks to some careful tuning assistance, and the loan of a series compound rotary gap, from Martin Dale. However, there were plenty of other excellent coils doing the sparky thing, mostly due to Phil Parry, Derek Woodroffe, and Paul Benham.

There may possibly be a repeat sometime in February or March. The working title for this event is (probably) now the "Nottingham Gaussfest", since it's 1/10,000 the size of a normal Teslathon :-6


See Derek Woodroffe's excellent pics page

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