Reading Teslathon 2001

Nick Field's twin coil (image courtesy of Matthew Watts)
Venue : Anderson Church Hall
Location : Reading, Berkshire
Date : 21st April

Report by Nick Field...

___The First Reading Teslathon took place on 21st of April at Anderson Baptist Church, in Reading. This teslathon was concieved as an opportunity for the higher power coils to stretch their legs unimpeded by lack of space or large crowds. The evening was a thorough success, with Nick's coil cranking out some juicey 8 footers, from only 3kVA input and Mike & Brian sparking up their first magnifier.

Setting up of Nick Field and Mike Tucknott's coils

The BMM1

Fred & Wilma

  • Type: Half Wave Twin Tesla Coil
  • Builder: Nick Field
  • Power Input: 3.0kVA
  • Max Arc Length: 2.4 metres

___This was the first full power outing for Brian and Mike's new magnifier. Things went quite well, with the maggi managing about 4 feet to grounded targets. As the system seemed to be getting into tune calamity struck, the 20A variac stack used to control arced internally, tripping the breakers. No problem for the likes of Mike & Brian - the variacs were bypassed and running resumed.